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Officer Kasim: A Timeless Tribute in the NYPD Series

In the realm of fictional storytelling, certain characters hold a place that transcends the narrative itself. They become symbols, embodying emotions, memories, and tributes that resonate deeply with both the writer and the reader. Officer Kasim is one such character in my NYPD series, a recurring figure who uniquely defies the constraints of time, always appearing as the new guy, forever the same age. But beyond his role in the plot, Kasim represents something profoundly personal – an homage to my father, a real-life NYPD officer.

A Legacy Beyond Time

Officer Kasim (my last name reversed) serves as a constant reminder of my father's spirit and dedication. Each book in the series sees Kasim in his early days with the NYPD, capturing the essence of a young, enthusiastic officer. This deliberate choice to keep him perpetually new to the force is a way to immortalize the early days of my father's career, a period filled with hope, aspirations, and a commitment to making a difference. He worked in the NYPD during a difficult time but he spoke about those early days with pride. Nothing elicited more enthusiasm from my father than talking about those days.

Kasim: A Symbol of Timelessness

The character of Kasim is crafted to be more than just a name in the series. He symbolizes the timeless nature of service and dedication inherent in law enforcement. By keeping him unaging and perennially new, I emphasize the evergreen qualities of enthusiasm and commitment that define police work. Kasim is a bridge between past and present, a constant in a world of change, reflecting the enduring spirit of those who serve. Many changes occur within law enforcement over the years my series takes place but Kasim represents the untainted, unchanged spirit of those young officers who emerge from the academy with a desire for service and a fire in their hearts. They are the ones who run toward danger to protect others.

Personal Touch in Storytelling

Integrating Kasim into my stories is a deeply personal touch, a way of keeping my father's memory alive within the pages. Each appearance of Kasim is a nod to the man who inspired me, whose stories of life on the beat in New York City serve as an inspiration for the series. He is more than a character; he is a tribute, a piece of my heritage woven into the fabric of my work. I can see my father in uniform as I write Kasim into each story, I sense the readiness to serve and the excitement that each new case brought.

Kasim's Role in the Series

In every book, Kasim plays a minor but pivotal role, often involved in crucial events. His character provides a fresh perspective, a reminder of the enthusiasm and integrity that new officers bring to the force. His interactions with the main characters, especially with the protagonist, John Keegan, highlight the generational differences and similarities within the NYPD, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative. As we see Keegan progress in his career and perhaps become a little jaded, Kasim's eternal optimism and freshness serve as a counter to that.

A Tribute to All Officers

While Kasim is a personal tribute to my father, he also stands as an homage to all police officers, especially those at the beginning of their careers. His character represents hope, the willingness to learn, and the bravery of stepping into a challenging and often unpredictable profession. Through Kasim, I acknowledge the sacrifices and dedication of police officers, past and present.

Connecting with Readers

For readers, Kasim offers a consistent thread through the series. His recurring presence is a comforting familiarity, a character they can look forward to in each book. His story, while reflective of my personal history, resonates with anyone who appreciates the value of legacy, memory, and honoring those who have shaped our lives.

Officer Kasim is more than just a character in a series; he is a living memory, a perpetual homage to my father and to the timeless spirit of the NYPD. Through him, my father's legacy and the essence of what it means to be a new officer in New York City live on, book after book.



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