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Blog Post: Mastering the Art of Juggling Multiple Mystery Novels

  I've done a lot of different writing over the years, and have even worked on two different types (mystery and childrens) but I've never written two books in the same series concurrently. This has posed some challenges I didn't expect, as well as some bonuses that actually helped me write faster. Balancing Plots, Characters, and Timelines Writing a mystery series is a lot like being a juggler. You're constantly keeping multiple balls in the air – in this case, plots, character progression, and timelines. Currently, I'm deep in the creative process of working on a 'current' entry, "The Lies That Bind," while simultaneously crafting a prequel, "The First Cut." It's a thrilling and challenging journey, one that requires meticulous organization and an intimate understanding of my characters and their world. The two books come from the same fictional universe yet at polar opposites in terms of time. What's great is this creates so

Revisiting the Roots: The First Cut and the Evolution of Recurring Characters

  Officer Kasim: A Timeless Tribute in the NYPD Series In the realm of fictional storytelling, certain characters hold a place that transcends the narrative itself. They become symbols, embodying emotions, memories, and tributes that resonate deeply with both the writer and the reader. Officer Kasim is one such character in my NYPD series, a recurring figure who uniquely defies the constraints of time, always appearing as the new guy, forever the same age. But beyond his role in the plot, Kasim represents something profoundly personal – an homage to my father, a real-life NYPD officer. A Legacy Beyond Time Officer Kasim (my last name reversed) serves as a constant reminder of my father's spirit and dedication. Each book in the series sees Kasim in his early days with the NYPD, capturing the essence of a young, enthusiastic officer. This deliberate choice to keep him perpetually new to the force is a way to immortalize the early days of my father's career, a period filled

Reverse-Engineering Character: The First Cut and the Evolution of Recurring Characters

In the world of literature, characters often become entities beyond the pages they inhabit, growing alongside their creator and audience. As a writer, delving back into the past of my series with "The First Cut" was not just a trip down memory lane; it was an exploratory journey into the genesis of characters who have become a part of my narrative identity. It's fascinating and challenging to reverse-engineer the evolution of characters like Pauline, Jacob, Rick, and others, tracing back to their origins in 1999. The Art of Reverse-Engineering Characters Going back to the year 1999 in "The First Cut," the task at hand was to peel back the layers of time and experience that had shaped each character. The objective was to find their core, their unrefined selves before the series of events that defined them in later books. It's like meeting an old friend and discovering who they were before you knew them – there's a sense of familiarity, yet everything

Nostalgia and Reflection in the John Keegan Series: A Journey to the Turn of the Last Century

  A Look Back to Move Forward: The John Keegan Novels The John Keegan series, with its recent installments "The First Cut is the Deepest," "Second Time Around," "Third and Long," and "Fourth Gear," offers more than just captivating mysteries. These novels serve as a nostalgic trip to 1999, a year that stands out for its sense of anticipation and uncertainty, especially with the Y2K bug looming large. This is also a time before 9/11, one that impacted Keegan and law enforcement in general. But why focus on this specific year, and why now? The answer lies in the series' protagonist, Detective John Keegan. Keegan's Evolution: Reflecting on the Past John Keegan, the seasoned detective, finds himself at a crossroads in life. He's older, wiser, but also more introspective. Having scored a TV show, Keegan is prompted to look back at his past, re-examining his experiences and decisions. This reflective journey isn’t just about nostalgia

Weaving the Web of Intrigue: Creating Plot Elements for "The Lies That Bind Us"

Introduction: In crafting my latest novel, "The Lies That Bind Us", I embarked on an adventurous journey through the intricate alleys of plot development, all the while experimenting with a dual narrative approach. This blog post is a peek into the creative process behind the novel, revealing how the intertwining stories of John and Pauline add depth to the plot, without venturing into spoiler territory. Developing the Plot: The narrative of "The Lies That Bind Us" unfolds in the vibrant yet shadowy corners of New York City, a perfect backdrop for a story rich in complexity and suspense. In developing the plot, I focused on creating elements that not only challenge our protagonists but also resonate with the themes of truth, justice, and the often-gray area in between. One of the key aspects was to create a plot that is multi-layered – one that seamlessly combines the personal struggles of the characters with the larger narrative. The challenges they face are not ju

Unveiling the Dual Voices of "The Lies That Bind Us"

  Introduction: Greetings, dear readers! Today, I'm thrilled to pull back the curtain on my latest endeavor, "The Lies That Bind Us." This novel marks a thrilling new chapter in my writing journey, introducing a dual narrative structure for the first time. Set against the backdrop of New York City's ever-evolving political landscape, this story weaves a compelling tale of intrigue, personal struggle, and the complexities of truth. The Advent of Dual Narratives: For the first time in my writing career, I decided to tell a story through the eyes of two protagonists – John and his wife, Pauline. This approach allowed me to explore the same events from contrasting perspectives, adding a rich depth to the narrative. John, with his introspective and often sarcastic outlook, offers a unique take on the unfolding events, while Pauline's narrative brings an emotional and personal touch that contrasts and complements John's viewpoint. I also saw Pauline as an in